We Are BOLD!

M.E. BOLD Consulting provides The tools & confidence for business success.

Start-Up Services

Professional counsel, guidance in crafting a new or "refreshed" project or business start-up

Operational Processes

Proven strategies for effective business performance, compliance & project management

Branding Management

Media & "strategic road-map" to grow & maintain revenue & business direction 

Our Mission

We’ve been creating & building brands for over 15 years

We provide strategic direction for business start-ups, implementation, and operational success. With proven evidence in creating successful business enterprises, our entrepreneurial experience and leadership expertise is top notch. 

We believe that in order to build a great product or service, you need a good professional team to offer advice based on real-life experiences. We know first-hand the challenges and how to overcome them with confidence.

We deliver what we promise with exceptional & personalized service.

Certified Project Managers

It is our goal to complete your project with satisfaction "on-time" delivery. 

Business Consultants

We have learned lessons along with challenges in navigating the changing technology & business changes. 

Tools for Business Success

As an effective business leaders, our advice is valuable. We may not know all the answers but we aim to work through all the hard stuff with you. We have experience in safeguarding your business adventure. 


We provide peace of mind with our 12-point assessment to ensure your organization has a professional image and is professionally managed.


We do the work and identify the state and federal required processes to register your business successfully.

Trademark Search & registration

After a detailed consultation, we can search, submit & manage your trademark application process until it's approved.


With delight, we search all local, regional and state-wide databases for exclusive use of your new company or project.

Creative Idea consulting

As we brainstorm your new business idea, our team can offer a clear path "packed" full of concepts & amazing suggestions.

brand launch services

When it time to"go-live", our team can design an easy road map to success including "in person" or virtual events.

Web-SITE & Branding

Start out with a proven plan - We provide counsel/services to creating a strategy plan for new logos, image or brand refresh programs.

Notary Public Services

We offer mobile, "in-person" and virtual support.

Operations - Risk Management

With the hard tasks, we can review, discuss and recommend strategies based on our years of experience. When your business requires another professional to step in, we can provide a thorough review of the issues and provide recommendations.

DWCA Consulting Agency, LLC

Re-Branding Management, Business Registration & Web-Site Design

DWCA Agency, LLC

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Full, Strategy Start-Up, Branding, Trademark & Web-Site Management Program


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Business Re-Brand, Business Cards &


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Corshale Beurre

Trademark & Business Registration

Corshale Beurre

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(of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

Webster definition

Got a project?

We'd love to partner with you on your next project or business adventure with enthusiasm, professional guidance, leadership and exceptional customer service. 

"ME BOLD assisted our business with structure, trademarks & operational support, well-done! We are a luxury beauty brand and this is what we needed!"

Martha Ortiz

Corshale Beurre

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