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"55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media channels. If people are not aware your business, they can’t become your customers. Social media boosts your visibility among potential customers, allowing your business to reach a wider audience by using less time and effort. "
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Content Management

Create "Focused" Messaging

We create, design and write content based on your business direction, mission, and value proposition representing your brand.

Budget Management

Invest In Affordable Packages

You decide how much you want to “outsource” to our team. We have pre-designed package options for your consideration.

Automated Support

Schedule with Confidence

Through the use of our AI (artificial intelligence) & technology platforms, we deliver your content on time, with your approval.

Artificial Intelligence

Share the Wealth

Along the way, we will implement Industry best practices to achieve the best engagement response for your brand.

Social Media Packages

You choose the level of support to assist in managing your entire social media or specific projects based on your budget.If you don't find a desired package, we can create a custom option for you. Pricing subject to change without notice. Billed quarterly (3 months) and you can cancel at anytime.

Aspire (Ala Carte)

$75 $50 / Per Post
  • 4-6 Social Media Accounts
  • Custom Design & Text


$585 $165 / Per Month
  • 6 Social Media Accounts
  • 20 Posts (including customized content & design) - 5 posts per week
  • Custom Design and Text
  • Performance Reporting (Yearly)
  • Brand Guidelines (designed for your business)
  • Email Marketing Campaigns (2) - Limited Time Only! ($295 value)


$675 $250 / Per Month
  • 8 Social Media Accounts
  • 28 Posts (including customized content & design) - 7 posts per week
  • Custom Design & Text
  • Calendar Review (Access)
  • Performance Reporting (Yearly)
  • Brand Guidelines (designed for your business)
  • Update Social Media Profiles (banner & content)
  • Post Engagement (We'll guide you on how to respond to emails, likes & comments)
  • 1 Expert Article/Blog
  • Email Marketing Campaigns (3) - Limited Time Only! ($295 value)


PURPOSE: Become the leader in financial freedom, planning and tax related services. 

    • Revenue Generation: Increased growth by 1,300% in first year of business
    • Current Growth: increased customer outreach by 120%
    • Repeat Customer Retention Rate: Obtained 94% of current customers
    • Social Media Engagement: Increased client/ reader reach by 65%


“In the mist of COVID19, I decided it was time to rebrand my business but was at a lost as to where to begin. Dion took the time to listen to my overall business plan and proposed business growth model. Let’s just say, I was blown away with the redesign of my website, systemic & cost saving enhancements and marketing tools, personally designed by ME BOLD. Additionally, ME BOLD managed my entire LLC business registration and fling process. No more sleepless nights for me, thanks to Dion/ME BOLD.!!! My company (DW Consulting Agency) now has a fresh new brand, redesigned website with awesome technology enhancements to keep up with the industry changes for years to come.” - Denine Williams, CRCMP, CEO

PURPOSE: Become the #1 leader in professional development and business education.

  • Revenue Generation: Obtained 50K in 2nd year of developing a strategic plan
  • Student Enrollment: yearly growth by 80%
  • Partnerships: Created and contracted 2 major clients for shared services 
  • Social Media: Increased engagement by 20% with "focused" marketing strategies

PURPOSE: Our Vision is to be the 1st Nurse led advocacy firm that is the leader in educating you and your loved ones

  • Revenue Generation: Growth by 90% increase in company sales
  • Social Media: Increased reach and client engagement to 78%
  • Business Plan: 2022 award winner for business plan created in conjunction with M.E. BOLD Consulting

TESTIMONIAL: As a up and coming business owner you are always aware of your budget vs. return on investment. I've been approached by many website designing companies, and they always have their own money-making interest in mind. Then, I encountered M.E. BOLD Consulting. WOW!!!  What an amazingly caring, professional, personal and insightful company. I feel that they have my best interests, visions, and goals in mind. This company really took the time to learn about MY business industry. The consultation is amazing. They take the time to understand who you are and where your company is going.

Thank you M.E. BOLD Consulting!  - Deidra Kindred, RN, BSN, LNC, FCN, BCPA, CCM

Frequently asked questions

We can post using your exiting business or personal social media accounts: Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn &  Instagram Business. Coming soon, we will be able to integrate YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest & Facebook Groups

A one-time content release (photo, story, advertisement, slogan or quote) is considered a post. 

Yes, we can. You can ask us to support you by responding to post comments, likes and other questions. It is still the business owner’s accountable in communicating with a consumer or client. Business owners who do not respond to social media within 24 hours is unlikely gain a new customer thus losing consumer confidence. 

Yes, we can design additional programs to support most aspects of your business.  Take a look of the additional services that we offer

Social commerce uses networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as vehicles to promote and sell products and services. A social commerce campaign’s success is measured by the degree to which consumers interact with the company’s marketing through retweets, likes, and shares.

The numbers of retweets, likes, and shares are measures of success for social commerce campaigns. Social commerce also seeks to engage online shoppers by offering expert product advice and support.

All services are estimated pricing within a package. All other services will be quoted at time of service with a proposal. 

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"ME BOLD assisted our business with structure, trademarks & operational support, well-done! We are a luxury beauty brand and this is what we needed!"

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