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We understand your business strategy and goals to design a plan that fits your business image and future growth. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes!  A brand is the “most critical factor” in connecting with clients, users and consumers. Equally important is your  personal brand or a business brand. Web design can positively impact how your audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can either keep them on your page so that they can learn about your business or they may leave and turn to a competitor. It’s important to keep your visitors on your site as long as possible with a call to action. We will focus on engaging layout, interesting content and call to actions. 

This question can be answered in two answers. One from the content angle, i.e. how it is created, and the proper reason of why it was built.  For content viewpoint, the site can either be static or dynamic. Typically, most sites are more “dynamic” allowing for an increased interest and user engagement. Other resources are used to add value to a website. We will help you create the most engaging and appropriate website. 

Web designers are responsible for creating attractive and informative websites, but there is more to it than just creating a pretty design. We take into account your mission, marketplace, the goal of the site and much much more. In short, a web designer takes the needs of its customer and translates this into a website that is fully supportive of the customer’s goals.

In today’s era, websites are using a “responsive design”, so that any user, regardless of the mobile device, can access the content.  Responsive websites are designed to automatically format the content and elements to match the size of the user device. If this is not done well, your audience may not have the best viewing experience. In addition, a responsive website can provide better SEO (search engine optimization) or internet ranking and so much more.

The entire project time can vary based on the requirements, scope and size of the website. Our average delivery date, for a final site, is within 15 days – 90 days. We will navigate you through our “strategic design road-map” to include discovery, intent, design, testing, reveal and maintenance. Learn more about getting started and submit a MEBOLD Website Questionnaire to us. 

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